Big-Band orchestra, also known as Jazz orchestra, is a big musical ensemble that plays Jazz music, especially Swing.

The "D-BAND" orchestra, managed by Dudi Sofer, is a small Big-Band of 9-12 players and a conductor, including percussions, a piano, a double-bass and a brass section and accompanied by a singer.

The orchestra is working according to the well-known traditional rules of Big-Bands from the 30's and 40's , which represent the mainstream music at that time, and equally incorporates the Big-Band music that is being played today in the world, like Fusion and Modern Jazz.

The Innovation in this unique orchestra is the musical flexibility that allows it to match different audiences while following all the musical harmony rules that are accepted by the most renowned Big-Bands in the world and keeping a high professionalism level, thanks to the young and dynamic spirit of the orchestra leader, conductor and arranger Dudi Sofer.